About Us

The Vision: Net0Tracker tracks the climate performance of major companies with a vision that climate data should be a public good

Net0Tracker was created by Vincent Manier out of passion to better measure the environmental performance of companies

The climate change equation to avoid catastrophic consequences is well-known : cut our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by half by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. In the corporate world, the sharp decline in direct and indirect GHG emissions on an absolute basis must happen now, in our everyday actions, our business models, our decision-making rationale and our incentives mechanisms. Over the past 2 years, the increase of net zero commitments and science-based targets has been encouraging but the sense of urgency must increase with concrete actions and better accountability.

Even in the absence of regulation, carbon must now be managed with the same discipline as finance, especially in terms of transparency, completeness, verification, standardization and accuracy. I created Net0Tracker as an attempt to simply represent the level of transparency, commitments and actions of major corporates beyond marketing campaigns and participation in task forces or working groups. Like COVID-related data, climate data should be considered as a public good in order to trigger more collaboration and transparency. I observe that there is a lack of publicly-available aggregated information about GHG emissions of companies. CDP does not make its data open-source and many private data providers (e.g. MSCI, Trucost, Bloomberg…) are mainly selling their data and analysis to investors and portfolio managers. On top of it, emissions inventory and reporting are still a painful process which causes climate data to be released very late ( generally 7-8 months after year-close) and challenging to track on a timely basis. I hope that Net0Tracker will encourage companies to better disclose their climate performance and implement best-in-class practices.

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